Residential Soffits/Ceilings Installation


Home Exterior Soffit, Fascia, and Ceiling Installation Contractor for the Carolinas

There is no substitute for experienced, professional home soffit, fascia and ceiling installation. Home builders located in Charleston SC, Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC and the Triad, Raleigh NC and the Research Triangle, Wilmington NC, or Myrtle Beach, SC trust SouthEnd Exteriors to do the job right the first time. Found along exterior eaves and overhangs, quality, exterior soffits, fascia board and ceilings will compliment your architectural profile adding beauty, a great ‘finished look’ and enhanced value to every new home construction project. SouthEnd Exteriors installs these critical home exterior components employing years of industry knowledge and training to ensure proper venting and long-lasting waterproofing protection for the home for years to come.


Common Types of Soffits & Ceilings

  • Flush Soffits
  • Reveal Soffits
  • Ribbed Soffits
  • V-Groove Soffits
  • Vinyl Soffits
  • Vinyl Bead Board Soffits
  • Cedar Deck Soffits
  • Wood Clad Soffits
  • Aluminium Soffits
  • UPVC Soffits
  • Soffit Under Deck Ceiling
  • Linear Ceilings
  • Under Porch Roof
  • Wood Fascia
  • Vinyl Fascia
  • Aluminium Fascia
  • UPVC Fascia
  • Vinyl Ceilings
  • Aluminium Ceilings
  • Wood Clad Ceilings


Attention to Detail… The SouthEnd Exteriors Way

It is our attention to detail that sets SouthEnd Exteriors apart as the region’s superior installation contractor. We leave no task undone using our advanced, online project management system, rapid digital communications and incremental installation job tracking and reporting program. Small job or large job, we save home builders time, money and headaches as their lead home exterior contractor/partner.


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